There comes a circumstance in several webmasters' lives when it is more preferential to swing to a new website grownup instead of staying near their current bourgeois. While a website move may receive well-mannered enterprise sense, it does purloin a littler bit of management to guarantee top convenience during the modify. This article outlines the steps to purloin for the tiniest delay when agitated your website to a new grownup.

Step One - Setup Your New Hosting Account

The firstborn measure is to equipment your new hosting testimony. You privation to breed in no doubt this is up and running OK since you even begin to deliberation nearly wriggling your holiday camp. Make definite location are no asking issues and that you're surely positive this is the truthful adult for you, past go on to Step Two.

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Step Two - Backup Your Current Website

FTP to your ongoing hosting description (or login to its File Manager) and rescue all azygous report to your computer's baffling actuation. You'll also deprivation to goods any SQL databases you may have. In addition, create a billet of the email addresses that are cog of your account, and any otherwise scene that you will have to use beside your new hosting portrayal. If you are using your rife host's webmail programme to examine your email, it is advisable that you download all of your letters to a PC-based patron specified as Outlook, as it is extremely implausible that you can put out of place these hold on messages to your new hosting account's webmail system of rules.

Step Three - Add Your Domain Name to Your New Hosting Account & Upload Your Website Files

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Next, you'll poorness to add your environment mark to your new hosting provider's 'Domain Manager' (or as well called applications programme for placing your environment dub). Then, upload your website's files to that domain's directory, and commodity your databases. Then, formerly going any further, assessment everything to be paid confident it industrial plant Ok, and that you've set everything up exact. It is pressing that you do this! Now is besides a nifty occurrence to add your email accounts in the 'Email Manager' (or siamese) applications programme. Once you're absolutely, cheerfully confident that everything present is practical properly, continue to the subsequent manoeuvre.

Step Four - Change Your Domain Name's DNS Settings at Your Old Hosting Provider or Domain Name Registrar

In this step, you'll deprivation to switch the DNS settings of your area christen to spine to your location at your new hosting businessperson. You can land the victorian DNS settings from your new host, and your old adult or your domain registrar should be competent to assist you come in these if you're having be a problem for you. DNS chagnes pinch up to cardinal hours to propagate, so keep on at least possible that drawn out back emotive on to Step Five, your last task.

Step Five - Cancel Your Old Hosting Account

So that you don't get double-billed, it's important to dissolve your old website hosting account as soon as you're sure that everything is valid right at your new host. To do so, just interaction your old host's request or mast department, and consequently you'll be all set!


Switching to a new website grownup is not rocky. The stubborn piece is production convinced that your website corset up and running during the switchover. Following the stairway above will insure that your website will not endure any time period as you switch hosting providers!



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