Forget things

That cannot bring

Joy, peace, nor anything

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Pertaining to righteousness

Purity and holiness

Neither thatability which is glorious

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Certainly belongings cannot

Enable you to enter

God's howling Presence

Wherein is found His magnificence

Let go of things

And pedagogy thy load

Thy spirit don't goad

I cognise thisability lie you

For a lifelong occurrence have road

Into the depths of the wilderness

Competing next to the Jones'

Seeking to discovery quite a few kindhearted of bliss

However all you have found

Is endless emptiness

All seemingly has departed amiss

The simpleness of life span you do miss

Why than don't you reappear to God

Look up to part and knock Him a kiss

In Savior you will brainwave forgiveness

Forget the cares of thisability world

The craftiness of riches

The physical attraction of others things

No joy do theyability bring

On the contrary

Things transport another responsibility

Compounded mess and stress

Wouldn't it be far better

To gyre up to the King and rest?

Consider your struggles

Another one of life's tests

To try your heart

And see what you're made of

To see if you prefer power

Or the rule of love

To canvass and show your motives

That which moves and motivatesability you

That for which you will supply your spirit too!

That by which the satan can restrain you

Contain, captivate, and unfortunate you

Awe come through on now

To you thisability revealing shouldn't be new

It's the routine by which

The blue blood of shadow holds you

Snares your inner self to airt you

Away from all thatability could upheaval you

Uphold, undergird, and support you

Far a cut above is it for The Devil however

When he accuses and unsettles you

By critiquingability and comparison you

Measuring you by your set off sheet

Lying to and recitation you you're not complete

Without a protracted schedule of assets

An fulgurant monetary statement

Such a mephistophelean seduction is brilliant

A way by which to distract

And splay your entire life

To stuff your life-force next to resentment and strife

As you resentfully scramble to gathering all your life

Get more, on the face of it even the score

Your personal identity ever insecure

Outwardly fixatedability on things

What you do or don't own

In so doing, your silliness you've shown

As you miss your own soul

And economic theory takes its toll

You go deeper into debt

Your suspicion fills with regret

Some spring desperate and stick a bet

Far better-quality would it be

If you'd a short time ago see much clearly

Lift up your lead to heaven

Invite the Sovereign of kings into your heart

Make a courageous and unspoiled new start

Employ the moral code of kingdom

To your unremarkable life

Be a hot steward

Give God your life

Jesus can do far more beside it

Than you have or will do

This my friend, I can ensure you

Therefore let no material goods have you

Surrender your heart to Jesus

Watch the surprising things

For you He can do

As you wish original the King

He will receive your heart sing

Free you from the subjugation of things

And inwardly afford you everything.

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